Dinerth Works Railway (DWR)



Fictional history

The railway was built in 1889 for transporting mixed traffic from one welsh country village to another
Halfway along the line was a quarry which was nick named "Chwarel Pridd" Which in english translates to soil quarry, here there was a siding and small halt called "Compo Corner".There were plans to extend the line to a small fishing port, where they could ship out the produce from the quarry and welsh farms to the rest of the world and bring fresh fish in from the sea, they finished the trackbed and rail structures all the way to the port but never laid the track because, It closed in 1914 and the loco's and stock where taken from the railway to the front in france and disaperred.
some considered these engines lost forever but a rich business man came along and bought the track bed and restoration work started. This man and his team are determind to find out what happened to the stock and engines, and if they're still aroud then buy them back and bring them back to their former glory. The team consists of bob the driver and a fiew local farmers who would benifit from the railway been oporational again.

Real history

The railway started construction in the early months of 2010 when my uncle came up and stayed, and kindly lent me his mamod sl-1 which has now been sold on. most of the track is elevated by wooden planking and supports that we put in, after he went one of the wooden structures became unstable, so it was taken out and new supports added and hammerd deep into the ground. The railway is now ready for extention with a baloon loop going in this year (2012), and then a triangle at the junction for it to form an oval for continuas running some time soon.


The Future will opefully see a balloon loop, and to have 11 sets of points along with a turn table and loco shed, and stabling sidings, two platforms and a branch line that runs to the port (along side the shed. Hopefully I can get some money and buy a proper loco something form accucraft or brandbright to run at events and on my line as a regular, along with my two battery engines and what ever steam engine is on loan.


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